About the Book

The History of Redemption illustrates the story of our salvation as told by God in his Word. Scripture provides the text for this awe-inspiring narrative that takes the reader on a journey through creation, fall, and redemption ultimately accomplished through the work of Jesus Christ.

Ronnie Smith Editor

Ronnie Smith served as a member of the teaching and preaching team of the Austin Stone for several years before moving to Benghazi, Libya to teach high school chemistry and serve the next generation of Libyan leaders. Just before leaving Benghazi to spend Christmas in the U.S. with family, Ronnie's life was taken. He was 33. The proceeds from the sale of this book will support Anita, Ronnie's wife, and their son.

Christopher Koelle Illustrator

Christopher Koelle has created illustrations for dozens of books, graphic novels, and award-winning documentaries, combining both traditional and digital media in his work. He loves truth, beauty, and goodness. Chris lives and works in South Carolina with his wife Annie, who is also an artist, and their son Marshall. Find out more about Chris' work at chriskoelle.com

The Austin Stone

The Austin Stone is a church for the city that exists for the supremacy of the name and purpose of Jesus. For more information and other resources check out austinstone.org.