God's Story, Illustrated

In November of 2007, Scripture from Genesis to Revelation was memorized and preached as a way of reminding God's people of the great story of their redemption.

The text from that sermon forms the text of this book and has now been brought to life through vivid artistry illustrating that great story.

The History of Redemption was designed as a tool for you to memorize the history of redemption and be reminded of God's great grace so that you might be compelled to share it with others.

The Austin Stone will be assisting Ronnie's wife, Anita, financially. If you would like to make a gift in memory of Ronnie Smith, please click here.

The History of Redemption book comes with an audio CD, which is a re-recording of a sermon of the same name given by Ronnie Smith at The Austin Stone in November 2007. The audio contains all of the scriptures in the book, and is an aid to help readers memorize The History of Redemption.
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